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There are lots of local marketing meetup groups. This is the only one focused solely on the unique needs of the software and tech industry. Instead of talking about international B2C brands with million-dollar budgets, our events revolve around the real-life challenges and opportunities of marketing a tech company out of Cleveland, Ohio.


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Our Next Event

event dateTuesday, October 9event locationTech Elevator
Sharon Toerek
Toerek Law

The State of Tech Marketing After GDPR

GDPR pandemonium has caused a lot of stress and confusion for tech marketers. How compliant does your organization need to be, even if you don’t do business in the EU? We’ll review practical solutions for must-have GDPR requirements, such as cookie tracking, lawful basis to process and communicate, deletion of personal data, website privacy policies and more.

Register for our next event

The Agenda

We meet at a rotating Cleveland-area venue on the second Tuesday of every other month for a breakfast event from 7:30-9:00 a.m. You’ll have plenty of time to grab refreshments and network with other tech marketers before hearing a short presentation on a sales/marketing topic picked by fellow members!
7:30-8:00 AM Arrival/Breakfast
8:00-8:45 AM Speaker
8:45-9:00 AM Q&A/Wrap Up

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December 11: Goodbye Funnel, Hello Flywheel: The Next Tech Marketing Evolution
February 12: Building a Top-Notch Marketing Department as an Army of One

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