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PPC Action Plan

Get a customized mini action plan to improve your Google Ads campaigns for just $1,500.

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Dumping money into Google Ads, but not seeing a positive ROI?

Our PPC Action Plan will give you the answers you need to increase clicks and generate quality leads from paid search…all while reducing your ad spend.

Our Google Ads experts will assess your current campaign performance by reviewing your bid strategy, ad copy and landing page experience as compared to industry best practices and your competitors. We’ll also include actionable steps for how you can improve your PPC performance going forward.

The best news?

This isn't some generic checklist…you'll get a customized mini action plan in just one week for $1,500.

Your customized PPC Action Plan will include quick wins regarding:


Bid Strategy

Learn how to balance cost and keyword competitiveness with a bid strategy that will get you qualified clicks without breaking the bank.


Ad Copy

Make your ad stand out from others on Google with specific, compelling copy that makes a prospect want to click to learn more.

Landing Pages

Understand the key landing page design elements necessary to turn that ad click into a conversion before they bounce.