Avoid CRM Sabotage: THE Best Integration Tips for HubSpot and Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular HubSpot integrations but use extreme caution before connecting the two systems!

In this white paper, you'll learn crucial steps to:

  • Avoid exceeding your marketing contact limit
  • Automate lead scoring and lifecycle stages
  • Define attributes for your Salesforce inclusion list
  • Set up a bi-directional sync between systems

Salesforce-HS Considerations Mockup

Salesforce-HS Considerations Illustration

Are you worried about connecting Salesforce and HubSpot?

If you use both HubSpot and Salesforce, connecting the two systems is crucial to sales and marketing alignment. The problem? There's no magic wand behind that integration button.

Fail to work through the key considerations in our white paper and you might find yourself:

  • Overpaying for marketing contacts in HubSpot
  • Missing key nurturing opportunities
  • Buried under taxing manual lead qualification processes
  • Overwhelming your sales reps with unqualified leads in Salesforce
Strategize your integration
Salesforce-HS Considerations Screenshot 1

Set yourself up for Salesforce-to-HubSpot success

Working with your sales and marketing teams to define critical lifecycle stage, lead scoring and other processes beforehand will prevent a world of headaches later.

Plan your integration with these considerations and you'll:

  • Improve marketing and sales alignment
  • Remove the need to manually score and progress leads in your funnel
  • Prevent time-consuming cleanup of data disasters in both systems
  • And so much more!
Start planning

Ready to integrate Salesforce and HubSpot the right way?

Review these considerations and plan ahead so that your platforms (and teams) work together harmoniously.

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